What the hell is $BUTTCOIN?

The $BUTTCOIN token represents everything that is wrong about the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Satoshi Nakamoto chose to cryogenically freeze himself from the disgust he experienced watching hiscustom writing essays original vision get warped into the crypto market we see today:

ai??? Centralized greed-driven companies disguised as decentralized coin projects.

ai??? Centralized exchanges shutting down accounts, ignoring support requests, and smoking cigars with regulators at the Turkish baths while they rake in Billions.

ai??? Big banks and corporate buffoons (i.e. Dimon) publicly bashing crypto while they secretly buy it all up to try and keep controlling everyone’s money.
an essay on the america i believe in

There’s no laughing in crypto

We had our team of 700 lawyers scour the globe for any laws that stated “you’re not allowed to laugh” while taking part in the cryptocurrency boom. They couldn’t find any and gave us 1399 “thumbs up” to proceed. (one of our lawyers only has one thumb)

$BUTTCOIN is a decentralized autonomous reward token (DART) issued to contributors of humor websites, social groups, and online communities. Our distribution partners will be spreading the coin across the land in creative ways to those who align with the vision. $BUTTCOIN is the beautiful future we strive to reach and hold on to. In butt we trust.


The DEX is where it’s at now

The odorous propaganda machine may try and fight it with sweaty conviction, but the decentralized exchange (DEX) is the future as well. There are some cheap insidious knock-offs that have crept into the scene, but Bitshares (BTS) is truly the king of the DEX and it was an easy choice to mint $BUTTCOIN at Bitshares. Trading activity has begun and you can get involved now.


Final Notes

You can interact with the $BUTTCOIN dev team and distributors at the ButtcoinTalk Forum, we have a beautiful Roadmap, and we’ll update the Milestones below as they happen. We’d like to create an environment that will cause Satoshi Nakamoto to un-freeze himself. Take part in the journey to preserve everything that’s right about cryptocurrency. $BUTTCOIN is real.




2011 To 2017

ai??? The growing movement of $BUTTCOIN reaches critical mass.


December 2017

ai??? 21MIL $BUTTCOIN are minted by process of an inverted BTC forkAi??(patent pending).

ai??? Buttcointalk.org forum created.


January 2018

ai??? Buttcoin.rocks website nears completion after months stuck in constipation.

ai??? A series of $BUTTCOIN airdrops is initiated with the legendaryAi??Lambo Airdrop.

ai??? Negotiations begin with the Buttcoin Foundation.

ai??? Reached agreement with Polyspot Group, LLC to become distribution partner.