Current Airdrops And $BUTTCOIN Bounties

*act quickly, these drops are limited time offers

The Lambo Airdrop

Group Of Chinese Businessmen (GOCB) are widely recognized custom written essays the inventors of the phrase “when lambo?”. To honor this history we have created the Lambo Airdrop…

ai??? Tweet the phrase “when lambo?” at @GOCBworldwide on Twitter and include your Bitshares username. (you can DM your username if you want to keep it private)

ai??? You will get sent 50 $BUTTCOIN to your Bitshares account!

ai??? If for some odd reason you don’t have a Bitshares account yet, get your butt in gear with this registration guide.

The ButtcoinTalk Bonus

ai??? Join the ButtcoinTalk Forum and DM any of the forum admins with your Bitshares username to receive 10 $BUTTCOIN

ai??? Make sure to verify your Welcome email when joining at the forum, it sometimes gets sent to Spam folder for some reason

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Twitter Airdrop

ai??? Simply make any tweet, preferably with humor, with the hashtags #Buttcoin and #Inbuttwetrust

ai??? Fill out this sexy Google form with a link to your tweet for a simple Twitter airdrop (10 free $BUTTCOIN) > Link